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Find an increasing range of classroom posters and other resources to enrich and support student learning. Each poster uses custom-made icons as visual tools to represent key VCE study design concepts and cross-study specifications vital for exams. Theory Reference Kits for VCE Art Creative Practice and Making & Exhibiting and Visual Communication Design are A4 spiral-bound versions of the posters with approximately two hundred questions to help students engage with key topics from these study designs. Also, find Trial Examinations and Rubrics for assessment of VCD using Target Learning VCD.
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What People say

"As a senior Studio Arts teacher I have relied on Target Learning’s posters in my classroom as learning tools and visual prompts. My students have found them to be easy to understand and useful for their descriptive language in written responses to artworks."

Rebecca, Teacher - Loyola College, Melbourne.

"Target Learning classroom posters have been a great benefit for my students as they are A1 size, which is big enough for students to see from across the room and are accurate to the VCAA study design. The posters have a simple layout and a clear visual, which helps EAL students grasp content. It is a great way for students to make connections between pieces of information and a memory aid for exam preparation. "

Rebecca, Teacher - Dandenong High School, Melbourne.

Target Learning resources news

Target Learning is working hard on updating the VCD posters for 2024. We are also getting lots of enquiries for posters in A2 size. We are working on pricing for them too. The 2024  VCD Unit 3 and 4 trial exam will not be published until well after the sample questions come out from VCAA. In the meantime, pre-order your VCD posters here.

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