VCE VCD Theory Reference Kit (pack 15 booklets)


The Target Learning Theory Reference Kit (ISBN 978-0-6457597-1-6) is an illustrated compendium for selected and important Study Design terms for VCE Visual Communication Design 2024. This 42-page A4 study guide is designed as a reference for students and teachers as they engage with the discussion and analysis of design. Each study term is defined and elaborated with left-hand single-page versions of each Target Learning classroom poster. Opposite, are questions that facilitate engagement with the topics and concepts, promoting understanding, acquiring vital language, recognition and knowledge transfer for unseen examples in examinations. The strong wire spiral binding, 350 gsm covers and 150 gsm internal pages are robust and lay open easily to use during students’ study time.

Learning and teaching strategies are provided along with definitions of the command verbs used, reflecting VCAA practice and over 200 prompt questions ranging in levels of complexity for students of every ability.

The Theory Reference Kit is designed to be used as a class set and is available in quantities of 15 books. Additional copies are available for purchase at $37 per book. Please indicate if additional quantities are required in the School Purchase Order form accessed via the link on the page below. Target Learning regrets that quantities of less than 15 books are not available.

Price $600 per pack of 15 books.

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