Frequently Asked

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If you need assistance creating your account or with any other questions, take a look at this information page.

Which Target Learning VCD membership should I buy?

There are four different membership plans. Each one is designed to cater for different needs.

The Trial membership will give one person access to the site for three days. This should give you enough time to explore the breadth and depth of Target Learning VCD and, hopefully, take up a one-year membership before the end of the trial period.

The Student/ Teacher membership gives one person access to the whole site. It is priced similarly to a regular textbook and has linked and video tutorials for students and teachers. It is suitable for reference and independent learning. It is neither suitable, nor the best value for teachers to purchase for their class, as copying from pages is prevented.

Multi-login memberships are the way for teachers to share content with their students. Teachers can have their class work on tasks together, at their own pace and at home on their own devices. The theory and knowledge pages, many with marked quizzes, are also perfect for independent revision. In addition, the how-to videos support students wherever they are. For 2023 - 2024 the Multi-memberships are;

  • Class = for up to 25 logins
  • VCE = for up to 50 logins
  • Senior School = for up to 80 logins
  • School = for up to 100 logins.

How do I set work from Target Learning VCD pages on my College LMS?

You can't copy content and upload it on your LMS. To refer to content, simply go to the page you want and copy the URL/address of that page as a link into your LMS.

If you want to refer to a specific part of a page, press one of the page links near the top of the page, see it scroll down to that section and copy the URL as a link into your LMS. Links for content within a page look like a page link/ + #word at the end.

Does my class have to do all of the tasks on a Learning or Assessment page?

No, the tasks are designed to help students embed their understanding of a skill or concept. They work in different and multiple ways. Depending on the time teachers set for course work, they can have students to do some tasks whilst leaving other tasks out. Simply refer to tasks by page and number in your task outline.

How do I create student/ sub-accounts in my classroom account?

There are two ways to create student sub accounts in the Classroom membership for Target Learning VCD. In both ways, the teacher begins by purchasing and creating their school account. From there, there are two options:

  1. Send a link to your students and have them create their own accounts with their own names, passwords, etc.
  2. The teacher creates sub accounts, entering the students' details. Following this, the students will receive confirmation emails asking them to reset their passwords.

The two methods are shown below. (Please note: if the membership purchase is by credit card the process can be completed immediately. If it is by School Purchase Order, the teacher needs to wait until their account is processed and they receive confirmation from Target Learning).

Please note:

Please only use school or college email accounts for your students. Do not use private ( ..., etc.) accounts for them, as they are filtered as student accounts to prevent them from receiving advertising information from Target Learning.

Teachers may wish to create a list of student user names and passwords for each student before the process begins in case students lose their details.

Method 1. Create sub-accounts by sending a link to your students (Recommended)

Blue outlines show teacher screens. Pink outlines show student screens.
Go to the 'Account' page inside the 'Members' top menu.
The 'Account' page opens at your account. Press the 'Subscriptions' tab.
Press the 'Sub Accounts' link on the right of your screen.
Scroll down until you see the 'Signup URL' link. Press copy to clipboard.
Load the Signup URL link onto your class LMS page to share with your students, or send it to them by email. Paste the link (from the clipboard) into your college LMS or email. Send it to your students.
The student sees the LMS announcement on their class page or receives the teacher's email and presses the link to create their Target Learning VCD account.
Your student will add their own details to create their own Target Learning account.
Student account is created and Target Learning VCD is ready to enter the 'Member's Area'.
Student receives confirmation email from Target Learning.

method 2. Create sub-accounts by teacher

Blue outlines show teacher screens. Pink outlines show student screens.
Go to the 'Account' page inside the 'Members' top menu.
The 'Account' page opens at your account. Press the 'Subscriptions' tab.
Press the 'Sub Accounts' link on the right of your screen.
Press 'Add Sub Account' button at the top of the screen. Enter student details after the 'OR' word on the page. Press 'Submit'.
Student receives an invitation email with a link asking them to reset the password on their account.
The student creates a new password.
The student receives a confirmation email.
After the teacher has created each new account it will be visible in the 'Subscriptions' section of their 'Account' page. New sub-accounts can be added with the same method later.

How do I roll-over my classroom sub-accounts for next year?

Fortunately, this is a really simple procedure. Follow these few steps:

First, remove your old class sub-accounts:

  1. Go to your (teacher) 'Account' page. Access it from the Log-in page when you are signed in.
  2. Click on the 'Subscriptions' link at the top left of your screen to access your Sub Accounts
  3. Click on the 'Sub Accounts' link on the right of your screen
  4. Click 'Remove' beside a Sub Account name to remove your existing sub-account members
  5. Repeat for all of the accounts you are removing

Then, to add your new Sub Accounts:

  1. Press the  ‘Add Sub Account’ button
  2. Complete the details on the registration page (use the ‘-OR- Username’ not ‘Existing Username’ field), Check the ‘Send NEW members the welcome email’ button, Press the submit button
  3. Repeat steps 2 + 3 for each new member
  4. Ensure your students sign in, set a password and bookmark their login page

Can I transfer my account to another teacher?

From time to time, teachers ask to transfer their account to someone else who has replaced them in their allotment. The terms and conditions of Target Learning VCD do not permit the transfer of membership between schools. However, this is possible for teachers requesting to transfer it within their school.

Unfortunately, the user name (usually the account holder's email address) cannot be changed. There are two options when requesting to transfer an account to another teacher.

  1. If the registered teacher submits the first and last name and the email address of the teacher to whom they wish to transfer the membership, then the Target Learning team will update the contact email address and send the new teacher a password reset email. However, please note the user name (usually the email address of the teacher who registered initially) will remain as is. If it is a multi-login membership, the sub-account logins will remain as is.
  2. If the registered teacher wishes that their user name be deleted from Target Learning, the membership can be deleted and re-registered under a new name. Target Learning requires that the currently registered teacher send the first and last name and the email address of the teacher to whom they wish to transfer the membership. A new membership will then be created with the new teacher's email address as the username and contact email. They will receive a password reset link email. Please note:
    1. the newly re-created membership will expire on the same date as the original, now deleted membership.
    2. if the Membership is a multi-login membership, then all sub-accounts will be lost and need to be recreated.

How do I renew my Target Learning VCD membership?

*All members will receive 3 membership renewal reminders. These are set at 1 month, 1 week and 1 day prior your membership expiring. You can check when your membership is going to expire on your Members Account page/ Subscriptions tab. Early renewals are permitted. Early renewal will not shorten your membership. Please use one of the following options to renew your membership for another year:

If you wish to continue with your current membership package:

  1. Head to Target Learning (Home page)/ Members (Menu dropdown) / Account (Page) / Subscriptions (tab) / Renew (link on right), fill in the membership form and pay by credit card or use the School Purchase Order form (linked at the top of page)
  2. If you pay by credit card, your membership will roll over automatically for another 12 months from the expiry date
  3. If you use the School Purchase Order form before your membership expires, your membership will be renewed from the day it is due to expire

If you wish to take up a different membership package:

  1. Explore the membership package options and decide which one suits your school context best
  2. If you pay by credit card your new membership will commence from the day you pay
  3. If you use the School Purchase Order form before your membership expires, your membership will be renewed from the day it is due to expire
  4. *Please note: if you choose a new membership package, you will have to invite your students and other teachers to join again