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Target Learning VCD - for students

Excel at design skills, topics and methods. Your way, at your pace.

Target Learning VCD - for teachers

Unwrap and deliver a complete program for Year 11 & 12 VCD.

Target Learning VCD is a complete on-line textbook for Year 11 and 12 Visual Communication Design. Target Learning VCD is a complete learning, teaching, information, knowledge and skills support for students and teachers at any stage of VCD.

Find out why students and teachers in independent, Catholic and Government High Schools are joining this flexible, innovative way to learn your favourite subject.

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Target Learning Resources

See, understand and link course concepts instantly.

Target Learning print and on-line resources explain VCE terms clearly with large visuals and key study design vocab. Discover a large range of classroom posters with easy to recognise icons, for easy recognition of all your study knowledge.

Trial exams for Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 Visual Arts coming soon.

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Target Learning Face to face

Be empowered with tips, guidance and support from master teachers.

Target Learning Face to Face seminars are personal learning support workshops for students and teachers. Sessions include VCD interactive exam and SAC revision seminars, in-person and on-line in schools.

Book teacher planning support workshops in ‘Step-up’ course planning and course writing. Other subjects added soon.

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What People say

“In a fast-growing school with a diverse range of learners, Target Learning classroom posters have been a game-changer. The combination of visual representation and concise information has helped me explain abstract and often complicated concepts to students with varied skill levels without them feeling overwhelmed. They’re also great visuals to brighten up your classroom!”

Alexis, Teacher - Loyola College, Melbourne.

"Target Learning is a website that has supported my teaching in Visual Communication Design. The resources are fantastic for both students and teachers alike! Ric Robert’s exam preparation seminar was also an invaluable experience to have with my Year 12s. Even in a remote setting, my students found the session extremely supportive for their exam preparation."

Kat, Teacher - Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Melbourne.

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Our story


Target Learning began as an on-line learning resource (previously known as helveticamediuma.com), specialising in VCE Visual Communication Design, Media and Studio Arts. From the first course in VCE VCD, resources and support for teachers and students grew. These include class-room posters, illustrating key concepts from Study Design Areas of Study and Cross Study Specifications and personalised VCE examination revision and teacher planning support, in-person and on-line seminars.

Launched in 2010, this on-line student and teacher support has been used by thousands of people in Victoria and around the world. Its author, Richard Roberts is a secondary school teacher and visual arts/ design author and consultant. He has a depth of experience with VCAA as visitation reviewer, examination assessor, author, study design expert panel member. In addition, Richard served as Vice-President of Visual Communication Victoria for four years, where he led a team presenting teacher unit planning seminars and creating study specific resources. Richard’s teaching experience includes VCE (Years 11 and 12) Art, Studio Arts, Media and VCD. Richard has also led Visual Arts faculties at independent and Catholic colleges. Richard’s students’ academic successes include study scores of 50s in Media, VCD and VET IDM, representation at the VCAA Seasons of Excellence ‘Top Designs’ and ‘Top Arts’ and at Premier’s Awards. Richard understands the needs of current, connected and independent students and engages with them as they learn.

Target Learning began as a Visual Arts resource and support site and is growing to include a more diverse range of subjects, as collaboration with expert teachers and assessors continues.

Contributors/ collaborators

Target Learning is indebted to a huge range of supporters, contributors and collaborators. The diversity and depth of the site would not be possible without the professional assistance of many people. Some who provide ongoing support are shown below.

Justin Coffey

Subject expert Product Design & Technology. High performing senior teacher in the Catholic regional sector


Janet Irving

Subject expert Visual Communication Design and Thinking Routines. High performing senior teacher in the Independent sector and examination assessor for VCAA VCD 8 years



Toy Poodle


Ruth Nolan

Subject expert Studio Arts. Head of Learning Visual Arts in the Catholic regional Sector


Dr Ro Roberts

Consultant, Academic, Editor and contributor to 'Decades History' pages


Rebecca Smith

Editor and subject expert Media and Studio Arts. Highly performing teacher, Head of Staff Professional Development in the Catholic sector. Learning Designer in the Tertiary sector