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Target Learning VCD is an integrated text book, course and assessment program for VCE Visual Communication Design. Each step of the way is fully mapped and written to reflect the subject terminology of the Study Design. Scroll down and explore the benefits of Target Learning VCD below.
Every Area of Study is covered in sequence.
Each page is referenced to the outcome statement and divided into sections accessed by quick links.
Each learning stage is referenced to the Key Knowledge for the Area of Study.
High scoring student examples are used to illustrate each task and concept.
Separate pages unpack every technical and pictorial drawing method required for VCD. They are linked to each Area of Study page.
Every concept discussed in the Key Knowledge and Cross Study Specifications has its own separate page.
Model answers are give for each assessment task making success clear for students.
Design Thinking is shown for each stage of the Design Process and for annotations.
Individually designed colourful icons illustrate each concept clearly.
A huge range of Creative and Critical Design Thinking routines and strategies are included.
Tasks for each learning activity are included. They increase in their levels of complexity. Each is numbered so teachers can jump in and out of the course.
Each Area of Study is assessed with a separate assessment task page. These are flexible and allow teachers to swap out briefs from year to year.
Assessment tasks are all mapped against the Key Skills for each Area of Study.
Assessment tasks are driven by clear and relevant briefs.
Assessment criteria is provided and based on the Key Skills points for each Area of Study.

    What People say

    "Starting as a new teacher to VCD, and Australia, the comprehensive curriculum offered by Target Learning VCD supported me to ensure my learning programs were dynamic and engaging. The practical activities offered have a fantastic scope and sequence that ensures each of the critical skills required for students to be successful in VCD are met."

    Siobhan, Teacher - St Aloysius College, Melbourne.

    "Target Learning VCD offers a comprehensive curriculum that supports both students and teachers new to Visual Communication. Each unit provides a scope and sequence that is easy to follow and navigate. I have been using this website ( for the past five years and my students have thoroughly enjoyed solving each design brief."

    Jeremy, Teacher - MacKillop College, Swan Hill.

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    What's not included

    Assessment task rubrics and test questions are produced separately. These include;

    • Assessment rubrics for VCD Unit 1 Outcome 1, 2, 3, Unit 2 Outcome 1, 2, 3, Unit 3 Outcome 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6.
    • Sample test questions for Unit 3 Outcome 1.5, 2.

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    Decades history pages for analysis.

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    Assess = Assessment task pages for Unit 1, 2, 3 &4 VCD
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