VCD IP, Copyright, Trademark, Design Registration, Patent, Legal obligations resource – PDF


The Target Learning IP and Copyright resource is a brief presentation on IP, Copyright, Trademark, Design Registrations, Patents and legal and moral obligations for students. This is a PDF of the video available on the Target Learning YouTube Channel and on the Unit 3 Area of Study 2 Target Learning VCD Program page. This is a 34-page printable resource for teachers to work through at their own pace and for students to use in preparing for SACs or examinations. It is written in simple language to explain all of the concepts relevant and needed for VCE Visual Communication Design. The presentation is also relevant for Media and Art studies. It is transmitted as one PDF file. This resource is subject to copyright restrictions described in the Target Learning site terms and conditions and may only be used by and within the purchasing school. This resource license does permit copying for students and teachers within the purchasing school.

This resource is not available with school purchase orders.

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